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planning and building law

planning law

Planning law creates the legal conditions for the development and use of individual properties. It determines where, what and how much is and can be built and what usages are permissible.

building law

Building law designates the entirety of legal standards affecting building; especially building permit law.

law of expropriation

One designates the withdrawal (formal expropriation) or restriction (material expropriation) of title to immovable or movable property by the state as expropriation.

environmental law

Environmental law designates the entirety of legal standards intended to protect the natural environment and preservation of ecological systems

law of tenders

Building tender law regulates the procedures for the award of public building projects to private persons.

commercial and insolvency law

company law

Commercial law comprises the legal standards relating to the position of business people and the contracts they conclude.

insolvency law

Insolvency law covers the material and procedural position of one or several creditors in the event of the insolvency of a debtor (debt collection and bankruptcy).

international law

International Private Law

In the case of private law cases with foreign dimensions (e.g. marriage of two individuals of differing nationality, case of damage abroad or international contracts) there are conflict of laws rules that determine which private law is to be applied.

European Law

European law designates the law of the European Union. In addition, it also covers the law of other states and the European international organisations.

criminal law

civil and military penal law

Criminal law comprises legal standards (offenses) that threaten particular actions or omissions with a sanction (penalty).

contractual law

labour law

Private labour law covers all standards that in any way regulate employment in a subordinate relationship.

sales contract law

An obligation with the goal of procuring title to an object or right against payment is designated as a sales agreement.

landlord and tenant, lease law

Landlord and tenant law regulates the transfer of an object to the tenant against payment. A lease agreement in addition grants the leaseholder the return from the lease property.

law of orders and work and services agreements

The mandate obliges the mandatary (with or without payment) to attend to a transaction or service assigned to it in the interest of and according to the instructions of the mandator. The contract for work and services designates the mutual exchange of services; the entrepreneur undertakes to produce a work against payment of remuneration (fee) by the person ordering the work.

administrative law

aliens law

Aliens law regulates the entry and departure, residence and reunification with family of aliens in Switzerland.

public law

Public law regulates the legal relationship between the bearers of public authority (state) and the citizens subject to the state.

Administrative law (general)

Administrative law regulates the legal relations of the state to its citizens and the mode of operation of the administrative institutions and their relationship to each other.

civil law

matrimonial and civil partnership law

Matrimonial and civil partnership law regulates the conclusion, effect and dissolution of marriage or civil partnership and the relationship of spouses (or civil partners) with each other.

divorce law

Divorce effects the formal and material dissolution of a marriage.

inheritance law

Inheritance law regulates dispositions on account of death (will/contract of inheritance), the right of inheritance, the distribution of the estate and the relationship between the heirs.

real property law

Real property law regulates legal relationships to real property.